Frequently Asked Questions
Q: The last CPR class I had was boring.  How is your's different?
A: The material is presented in a fun, easy to learn method.  You are not talked at but encouraged to
be a part of the class with hands on engaging topics.

Q: BLS.  What does that mean?
A: Basic Life Support

Q: What does AED stand for?
A: Automated External Defibrillator

Q: Do you bring manikins and AED's to class?
A: Yes. We use manikins and AED's in all of our classes.

Q: Have you ever had to do CPR?
A: Yes.  With my background as a Firefighter and EMR (Emergency Medical Responder) I have had
experiences doing most of what I teach.

Q: Do we come to your office or do you come to us for class?
A: Whatever is easier for you.  Classes can be held at my training center or I will come to you.

Q: I am not good with tests.  Do I need to pass a test to be certified?
A: Yes and No.  Some classes require a test but the material is easy to learn and I have yet to fail a
student.  Really, there is nothing to be nervous about.
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